Dear grade six Parents,
After the incredible success of our School’s five first Ultimate Educational Trips to Greece, we are extremely pleased to announce that there will be a 6th edition of the trip next June, for the elementary graduating class of 2018. This trip will take place after the graduation, scheduled for June 17th. Regular classes will be available for grade 6 students  that will not participate on the trip.
The trip has three basic components. For the first four days the children will stay at a hotel in Molai-Monemvasia where the local Educational and Environmental Center educators will put together an enriched program for our students that will include visits to numerous historic sites in the surrounding area. Sleeping accommodation and three meals a day are being provided. Continuing their trip they will spend another 2 days in Olympia with guided tours in the surrounding area. For the last two days the children will be accommodated at the Four Seasons Hotel in Glyfada, a hotel a few steps from the beach. From there the children will be offered a guided tour of Athens, Acropolis, Epidaurus and many more places. They will be accompanied by teachers and directors (ratio1 to 10).
The dates of the trip are from the 17th to the 25th of June.  The price is $2 250.00 per student. In order to facilitate the booking process and better accommodate our families without financially overburdening them, please take note of the following payment schedule (by certified cheque or cash):
  • The 1st payment ($650.00) must be made by December 14th 2017
  • The 2nd payment ($600.00) must be made by January 31st 2018
  • The 3rd payment ($500.00) must be made by February 28th 2018
  • The 4th payment ($500.00) must be made by March 28th 2018
This unique educational experience will include the following:
  • Round-trip non-stop flight with Air Transat to Athens (departure Sunday June 17th and return on Monday June 25th)
  • For the first four days and three nights: accommodation at a hotel in Molai-Monemvasia
  • The following 2 days and 2 nights: accommodation at a hotel in Olympia
  • Accommodation for the last two days will be at Hotel Four Seasons in Glyfada and will include breakfast and supper
  • On Saturday the 23th after leaving the hotel in the morning, the students will visit Epidaurus Theater, have lunch at Nafplio, and visit the Mycenae site
  • On Sunday the 24th the students will be given a professionally guided tour of Athens including a climb up the Acropolis and will have lunch in Plaka
  • All local transportation will be via an air-conditioned tour bus
  • Full medical and cancellation insurance is included
  • Emergency 24-hour assistance from the tour operator Voyages Objectif Terre is also included
No other fees will be required by the parents. The children can be given some spending money for such things as small souvenirs. A valid Canadian passport is of course a prerequisite. In the event that we do not have sufficient confirmations, the School reserves the right to cancel the trip. All fees will be fully reimbursed. The School also has the right to refuse any child for behavioural or medical reasons.
Our School acknowledges that this is a major venture and that parents might have safety and security concerns. For many it might be the first time their children are travelling abroad without their parents for an extended period of time. We want to assure you that all necessary precautions (health and welfare) have been taken into consideration in order to ensure your child has a wonderful experience. Finally, the School is open to the possibility of leaving a child with family in Greece for an extended vacation should the family so desire. Additional fees may be applicable should such a request be made.
Please note that a meeting is scheduled for November 23rd at 7:00 pm at the Head office of HCGM, 5777 Wilderton Avenue, in the conference room 101, the Mikri Vouli. Please refer to the enclosed application form. We request you submit the form completed, with applicable fee, no later than December 14th, 2017.
This is an exclusive, once-in-a lifetime, opportunity for our Socrates-Démosthène graduates. We foresee this trip to Greece as a wonderful, enriching and unforgettable experience. We hope you will too!
Le directeur général
Chris Adamopoulos

8 jours et 7 nuits
Du 17 au 25 juin 2018
Nom du groupe participant : École Socrates-Démosthène
Information personnelle du participant
Nom inscrit comme dans votre passeport: _________________________________________
Prénom inscrit comme dans votre passeport : ______________________________________
Classe : ___________________________________________ Campus :___________________________________________
Date de naissance :   _________________________________
Sexe :   M______   F_______
#  Passeport  du participant: __________________________
Date d’expiration : __________________________________
Téléphone au domicile : ______________________________
Téléphone mobile : __________________________________
Courriel : ____________________________________________________________
Nom et prénom du père : _____________________________________________________
Nom et prénom de la mère : ____________________________________________________
Conditions de paiements:
650,00 $ par participant à l’inscription jusqu’au 14 décembre 2017.
600,00 $ par participant, 2e versement jusqu’au 31 janvier 2018.
500,00 $ par participant, 3e versement jusqu’au 28 février 2018.
500,00 $ par participant, 4e versement jusqu’au 28 mars 2018.
Les paiements seront au nom de l’École Socrates-Démosthène (CHGM).
Je désire que mon enfant participe au voyage en Grèce ___________.
J’ai lu, compris et accepté  les conditions générales de vente.
Nom et prénom du parent :__________________________________________________
Signature :______________________________________________________________
Date :__________________________________________________________________

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