On Monday, May 8, the Demosthenes campus was visited by the Romanian artist Simona Cosareanu, who offered a unique gift to the school. For the past several weeks, the artist was preparing her painting representing the beauty of Greece for our school. Mrs. Cosareanu chose our school, to recognize the fact that we have several families of Romanian origin here.
During the unveiling of the superb resin canvas, the pupils and invited parents were completely moved by the beauty of the painting.
Our students of Romanian origin showed their appreciation by singing Romanian songs for Mrs. Cosareanu and she, in turn, joined them on stage. Afterwards, our students offered her a beautiful set of flowers.
Mrs. Cosareanu signed her painting but she challenged our school; She asked all students to submit a title proposal for her canvas and she will be back in a few weeks to choose the best title for her painting. The name of the winning student will appear next to the painting, which in turn will be placed in the newly painted entrance to the campus. Do not hesitate to take a tour of the school to admire this beautiful masterpiece!