Look at what we offer:
1. A multilingual program: French, English, Greek
2. Academic excellence and rigor
3. Standards similar or more competitive than those of our primary school
4. Door to door bus service
5. Personalized education experience (small ratios)
Exceptional curriculum:
6. Introduction to Ancient Greek
7. Teaching French as a first language with Internet access for all school books
8. Enriched English literature course. Some of the novels that we are currently reading: The Hobbit, 1984, And Then there Were None, The Portrait of Dorian Gray., including the Zipline Workbook.
9. An advanced physical education program including: activities with the Midtown Gym (The Sanctuary) and CEPSUM; activities with the Québec Federation of Fencing and Tennis Québec.
10. Electronic tablets formatted to work with all books in all languages
11. Access to Google Classroom for students and parents in all languages
12. Interactive boards in classrooms
13. Teachers who combine decades of passionate experience: Eric Loustau, homeroom and French teacher, Kathy Tassis, specialist in English and Eirini Tourkomanoli, expert in Greek education.
14. Small class sizes (10 to 15 students)
School life:
15. A fully operational and fully equipped science laboratory
16. A student lounge
17. Two multilingual libraries
18. A fully equipped weight room with new TRX training bands
19. Numerous school activities: visits to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the Montreal Science Centre, trips to Quebec, Ottawa, Greece and / or New York (with a ratio of one adult per student), and more!
School Environment:
20. A pleasant, positive and clean environment
21. A safe and disciplined environment, without bullying, gangs or smoking.
22. Students remain at all times on campus during the day
23. Closed circuit security on three floors
24. Family environment and shared values
Families are welcome to see for themselves what we are talking about during our Open House in November. We will give you a tour and provide you with more detailed information!