Dear Parents and Friends,

We made it…finally!

After a year and a half of unprecedented obstacles and very trying moments related to the COVID pandemic, the likes or which we never faced before, we now see the clear light ahead for society and our School. Our collective efforts, everyone’s patience and perseverance, has brought us to the end of the school year, one we will all remember for a very long time.

As we call it a school year, we have nothing but praise and gratitude to offer you, as you became our partners throughout these challenging times. What can we say about our remarkable and resilient students, your incredible children…except that they are the true heroes of this whole life-changing situation.

We would like to also thank our frontline personnel, including our wonderful teachers, principals and support staff, as well as our HCGM essential service colleagues, for their dedication throughout this crisis, and the precious support we have received from the Board of Directors.

Kindly take note that the final report card will be available on the School portal as of July 2nd. For the Class of 2021, both elementary and high school for the very first historic time, even though we were not permitted to organize our massive Gala, memorable creative graduation activities were prepared at each campus. We wish our graduates well in their future studies. We are confident all our graduates will continue to be high achievers and realize their dreams. They will certainly be the best ambassadors École Socrates-Démosthène can have.

Two members of our personnel will be retiring this year, both from Campus Socrates V. Sophie Sacciadis, long time Greek kindergarten teacher, adored by generations of children and their families will be leaving us to pursue new interests and projects. As will Ghislaine Langlois, after decades of dedication to our School as a remarkable teacher and since 2008 as a cherished principal and leader. They will both be missed dearly. We wish them luck and want to express our utmost gratitude for their precious contribution to our School.

As for next school year, the news continues to be bright. We now foresee, If everything goes according to plan, the return to what we once knew as normal, right from the start on August 26. This will be based on several factors including vaccination rates and the epidemiological developments over the summer. Our planning of 2021-22 school year at numerous levels has been well underway for several weeks now. Back to school in August will mean:

  • A 100 %  return to class for everyone
  • No group restriction, like the bubble system
  • No masks for anyone
  • Complete educational services
  • Full extracurricular programs with outings
  • School bus transport with no restrictions
  • Meal services with no restrictions
  • All of the above applied to preschool, elementary and high school

If necessary, our School will adopt certain sanitary measures that could include regular hand washings; disinfection of surfaces; evaluation of persons with symptoms; and isolation if required. Certain mitigation measures might also be applied individually or collectively, if required including distancing; group size reduction; reserved seating on buses; masks in common areas; and teaching from a distance.

Next year we will see the return of many wonderful celebrations for Christmas and National Holidays. Our School will resume activities like cross-country runs and sports festivals, trips the Quebec City, Ottawa and Greece. We will get our graduating class together for inspirational presentations. And we will once again stage our renowned Graduation Gala.

We are confident, though, that from now until the Fall everyone will continue to do what is required to assure a safe and normal back to school. In the meantime, we want to thank you for entrusting École Socrates-Démosthène for your children’s education and we want to wish our entire school community a wonderful, healthy, and relaxing summer!

Le directeur général,

Chris Adamopoulos