Protomagia at Socrates III

Students, parents and staff of the Socrates-Demosthenes School’s Socrates III campus celebrated the arrival of spring with their annual Protomagia celebration. The weather was not there, but the spirit of celebration was there and everything happened in the big school yard as planned. Our wonderful volunteer parents had a barbecue to feed students, parents, teachers and all the other guests who came for a ride.

As tradition dictates, each class prepared a wreath of flowers that was then hung at the door of the classroom. Pre-school and kindergarten students also painted a flower pot and planted flower seeds in their pots. The undergraduate students created a paper flower wreath and the graduate students created their own crown made of branches and flowers.
In the gym, a DJ kept the party atmosphere and he played a mix of Greek music and pop music (to the taste of our young people). Finally, two makeup artists have transformed the faces of our children. Only butterflies, dragons and other imaginary and colorful forms were visible.
What an unforgettable day!
Finally, a big thank you to the parents who prepared more than 150 coffee bangs at the hit station and a big thank you to George of the Diperie who came fully equipped with his ice cream machine. For those who thought it was too cold for ice cream, they were offered Greek yogurt with honey or one or two slices of watermelon.
We would like to thank all the following people:

It was really an ekpliktiki protomagia!

The Socrates-Demosthenes School