On Tuesday, provincial MNA for Ste-Rose, Laval, Christopher Skeete, visited Campus Démosthène, along with his attaché, Simon Lacroix. Mr. Skeete received a typical Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal warm welcome and was immensely impressed with the students, the teaching staff, the administration, the building and our School’s exceptional trilingual program.

As the MNA for Ste-Rose pointed out, the door is now finally open for a new HCGM educational complex. This follows more than five years of effort by the HCGM to get to this point. This mammoth effort is seen as a win-win-win-win situation for Socrates-Démosthène, the CSDL, the provincial government and for the citizens of Laval. The biggest winners of course will be children and education and what more can anyone ask for.
The meeting focused on the evolving needs of both École-Socrates-Démosthène and the CSDL. This all follows previous HCGM meetings with the CSDL and with Mr. Skeete. On the table was the request for financial support  for the HCGM’s proposed new Educational Complex in Chomedey and the CSDL’s desire to recuperate (purchase) the HCGM’s three school buildings in Laval, should the Community be in a position to vacate them for the new complex.
As part of the visit, the Socrates-Démosthène DG had arranged for the Commission scolaire de Laval’s highest officials to participate in a meeting with Mr. Skeete. This included the President of the CSDL, Mrs. Louise Lortie, the Director General, Mr. Yves-Michel Volcy and the Deputy DG Mr. Jean-Pierre Archambault.
Along with the General Director, Mr. Chris Adamopoulos and the principal, Mr. Chris Katiforis, Mr. Skeete had the opportunity to meet and discuss with several teachers as the rounds were made in the campus. He also fielded numerous questions from our young students. The visit culminated with the drawing by Madame Nathalie’s grade 1 students that was presented as a gift to the MNA.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Campus Démosthène, as well as the HCGM Head office staff, for assuring such a successful visit and outcome.
L’École Socrates-Démosthène